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Wine tours

Wine tours

Винные экскурсии

Today, Catalonia is one of the most developed regions of Spain and Europe for the production of wines. Priorat and Penedes are the most famous areas of the region, that have attained great popularity.

The wine region Priorat is located not far from Barcelona. You will have an amazing opportunity to see how is made one of the most famous wines in the world. During the tour, we will visit one or two wineries. You will be able to learn all the detailes of the local wine production and, of course, to taste the best wines on the planet.

Penedès is the place of the production of “cava”, it is the Spanish sparkling wine, it is made by the champagne method. The 90% of all cava is produced here. We will visit some of the family winemaking and walk on a wine farm with the master, and learn about the secrets and peculiarities of the winemaking process.

During the tour, You will be able to dive fully into the wonderful world of Spanish wines.