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Tours in Spain

Barcelona sightseeing tour

Barcelona has 2000 years of history, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We will help You to get acquainted with this magnificent city and see its main attractions.

It is called a Museum under the open sky. The ancient architecture, busy pedestrian streets, which are still store the traces of ancient times, the great classic mansions in the art Nouveau style, the coastal areas – all this makes Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, diverse and surprisingly luxurious. During the tour, You will be able to see firsthand the works of world famous architect Antonio Gaudi. The Sagrada Familia, which is the most famous protracted modernity. Also, the famous Park Guell… Read more>

Музей Сальвадора Дали

Salvador Dali´s Museum in Figueres

The town of Figueres has become world famous thanks to the wonderful creation of genius of its time – Theatre-Museum of Salvador Dali. It was designed by Dali, and was built in 14 years. The building of the Museum started on the ruins of the destroyed city theatre, which is why it is called “Theatre-Museum”. The official opening of the Museum took place on 28th of September, 1974. The Museum is very interesting and unusual. The great hoaxer and the genius of shocking, has invested all of himself. On the territory of the Museum´s complex exist independently and, at the same time, inextricably three main objects: the Museum, the tower of the gala …Read more>


The Montserrat mountains

Montserrat is an unusual and very beautiful mountain refuge of the Benedictine monks. It is located in the North of Spain, about 60 km from Barcelona. The mountain height is 1,236 meters, the length is 10 km and the width is 5 km. The mountain is so extraordinary, that it causes the delight and awe. In many religions it is a symbol of the Divine presence. In the XI century, on the peaks of the Montserrat mountain was built the Benedictine monastery. The main relic of the monastery is the statue of the Holy Virgin or the Black Madonna, so called because of the dark colour of her face. The millions of pilgrims from around the world are coming to touch Holy of Holies …Read more>



Girona is a well-preserved medieval city. It is just 100 km from Barcelona, in the direction of France. The river Onyar divides the city into two parts, separating the modern quarters from the Medieval old quarters of the city.
In Girona, you will dive deep into the history, myths and legends of one of the most beautiful cities of Catalonia. Its occurrence is fraught with some mystery. One of the legends says that in these lands appeared a three-headed giant Heron, and as expected, he fell in love with a local beauty Pyrene. She, fleeing from the terrifying giant, ran away to live in the forest. Learning of this escape, the mad Heron set fire to the woods, and she got into a fiery trap. The sad end… But then…Read more>

Винные экскурсии

Wine tours

Today, Catalonia is one of the most developed regions of Spain and Europe for the production of wines. Priorat and Penedes are the most famous areas of the region, that have attained great popularity. The wine region Priorat is located not far from Barcelona. You will have an amazing opportunity to see how is made one of the most famous wines in the world. During the tour, we will visit one or two wineries. You will be able to learn all the detailes of the local wine production and, of course, to taste the best wines on the planet. Penedès is the place of the production of “cava”, it is the Spanish sparkling wine, it is made by the champagne method…Read more>

Мадрид обзорная

Madrid sightseeing tour

Madrid is a beautiful city in Spain, the major historical, cultural and economic center of the country. We suggest You to explore Madrid and discover the rich history and culture of this splendid and majestic city. A large number of attractions in Madrid are associated with the rule of two dynasties – the French dynasty of Bourbons and the Austrian dynasty of Habsburgs. The austerity and luxury are perfectly combined in the architecture of castles, museums, squares and sculptures. Let’s start our tour from Madrid’s main square (Plaza Mayor). Several centuries ago, and today, it is a very lively and a favorite place of the city residents and tourists. In the center of the square is the monument to the King Philip III…Read more>

Музеи Мадрида

Best museums of Madrid

The Prado Museum can be really considered as one of the best museums in the world. Its opening ceremony took place in 1819 as the Royal Museum of paintings. The King Ferdinand VII decided to make works of art accessible to everyone. Whereas before, they were only open to the eyes of the narrow circle of close persons, such as: the Royal family, aristocracy and Church. The Museum presents a large collection of paintings by Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German and English painting. The greatest part is occupied by the paintings of the famous Spanish masters such as Murillo, Zurbaran, Goya, Bosch, Velázquez and El Greco. The Prado Museum has an almost complete collection of paintings by Diego Velázquez…Read more>



Toledo is an ancient capital of Spain, it is located on the South-West of Madrid on the river Tagus. It has a rich history and culture, it is the Museum under the open sky, as the most ancient monuments of architecture and sights of the city are remained in very good condition. Visiting the historic centre of Toledo, You will find yourself in the medieval town, which perfectly combine different periods and cultures. St Mary’s Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Toledo and one of the top three Gothic cathedrals of Spain. The massive columns, the stained glass windows, the painted walls, the old chapel, the rich gallery of paintings and the luxurious interior decoration of the Cathedral…Read more>

Эскориал и Долина павших

Escorial and Valley of the Fallen

The architectural complex of El Escorial combines the monastery, palace and residence of the King Philip II of Spain. It is located at the foot of the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains and is an hour’s drive from Madrid. The construction of El Escorial began in 1563 and continued for 21 years under the guidance of the chief architect Juan Bautista de Toledo, after whose death, his work was completed by Juan de Herrera. During the tour we will visit the majestic palace, the interior of which has an impressive luxury and splendor that can not be said about the royal apartments, which are decorated quite modestly. Here is a great collection of works by Spanish and European artists…Read more>

Авила и Сеговия

Avila and Segovia

Avila is a medieval town of Spain, that is perfectly preserved to our days. It is located at an altitude of 1128 meters above the sea level. Avila impresses with its beautiful city walls, towers, monasteries and churches. The wall of Avila, was built in the late eleventh century and it´s the symbol of the city and since 1985 it is a UNESCO world heritage place. The length of the town wall is 2500 meters, it has 88 towers and 9 gates, it is the only defensive structure of the Romanesque period in Europe that is preserved in its entirety. The historic centre of Avila mostly consists of architecture of the religious nature. One of them is the Cathedral – the first Gothic Cathedral of Spain, it was planned as a temple-fortress. The fundamental and majestic temple, with one side adjacent to the city wall…Read more>

Tours on the South of France

The fortress of Carcassonne

Carcassonne is a city in the South of France, not far from Toulouse. It is a city-castle, situated on a steep bank of the river Aude. Coming here, You will find yourself in a medieval fairy tale! Its territory is surrounded by two rows of walls with a length of 3 km and with 52 towers. And inside there are numerous shops, cafes and even dwelling houses. In the heart of the fortress are preserved the castle of Cental and Basilica of St. Nazaire.

Carcassonne stands on the plain, which was formed from the sediments brought by the river Aude from the Pyrenees. These are sedimentary rocks that consist of sandstone, conglomerate and marl sandstone…Read more>

Перпиньян и Коллиур

Perpignan and Collioure

Perpignan and Collioure are the most picturesque and delightful towns in the South of France. And it seems that they consist only of attractions, most of which you can visit during this tour.

Perpignan is one of the most beautiful cities in France. It has the Palace of Majorcan Kings, which is one of the most beautiful Palace buildings of the XIII century on the Mediterranean coast. You will also see “Small castle” — Le Castillet, which is a symbol of the city. Noteworthy are the Cathedral of St. John of XIV century and the Church of St. Mary, the square Verdun and the historic theatre Loges-de-Mer that was founded in 1397 as a Maritime Tribunal. It will also be interesting to visit the square Arago…Read more>

Cote d'azur - Monaco, Nice, Cannes

The southern coast of France, is an amazing place that has a warm and mild climate that is maintained all year round.
The Principality of Monaco is an independent and sovereign state on the territory of France. Its territory is only 2,02 sq km. We will visit the Prince’s Palace, it is the official residence of the rulers of Monaco from the Grimaldi´s family. It was founded in 1191. You will be able to stroll through the throne room and Royal chambers. Also You will find the Oceanographic Museum and the Cathedral of St. Nicholas. Nice is the resort of the highest level. The combination of luxurious hotels, casinos, restaurants, theatres, operas, museums, historical monuments, beautiful beaches, clear blue sea – all this is concentrated in Nice…Read more>



Toulouse is the largest cultural, scientific and industrial center of the Southern regions of France. The city is famous for its centuries-old history and rich culture. There are a large number of museums, parks, churches, also it has a huge number of boutiques of famous brands that attracts many tourists. Which are the most important attractions to see? The Church Saint-Georges and Saint-Simon, the Capitol, the embankment of the Garonne, the pink facade of the Great Hall. You can stroll along the narrow ancient streets and see the rich villas of XVII – XIX centuries. Many of the buildings are built of pink brick, so the color pink is a distinctive feature of this city. The Basilica of St Saturnin is the largest…Read more> 



Albi it is picturesque little town in the South of France. The majority of houses in the town are built with a red brick, which gives it an amazing look, especially during sunset. The walk through the ancient quarters and medieval streets, passing the beautiful villas and mansions of the Renaissance will open for You a lot. Albi has an interesting and at the same time sad story. Approximately in the XII century was originated the religious teaching of Catharism, known as “Albigensian”, the adherents of the Catholic Church were attributed to the heretics. And in order to destroy heresy in 1208 was made the Albigensian crusade, in which were killed and burned at the stake more than a million people. The famous Cathedral of Sainte-Cécile…Read more>

Tours in Portugal (from Algarve)


To Lisbon from Algarve

The nice tours will help You to diversify your beach vacation in the Algarve. We suggest You to go to the capital of Portugal – the enchanting Lisbon. Arriving here, You will find yourself in old city that keeps history and originality of the Portuguese nation. And also, you will be able to know modern Lisbon, which life is quickly developing. Let’s start with the old part of the city, it is a Trade Square (Praça do Comércio) or in other words, the Palace Square. The main attraction of the square is the statue of the King José I. Also you will visit the Eduardo VII Park, that is located on a hillside, next to the Marquês de Pombal. This is the place, which offers the incredible view of the city. You will be able to take the Elevator de Santa Justa, to stroll along the historic Avenida de Liberdade…Read more>



Lagos is an ancient port city that for two centuries was the capital of the Algarve. Today it is a popular resort in the South of Portugal and one of the most visited cities in this area. It is famous for its clean and tidy beaches, variety of hotels and restaurants, as well as a large number of historical monuments. Lagos never sleeps, during the beach season, the night parties and entertainment are particularly popular. During the stay in Algarve, you can easily make a tour to Lagos. The boat trip on the sea grottoes and caves, or kayak where you can swim in secluded corners which are inaccessible for boats, all this will give You the opportunity to fully enjoy the picturesque beauty of these places. The natural attractions in Lagos, has survived almost intact: the Golden coast grottos…Read more>


From Algarve to Seville

If You are in the South of Portugal, You must visit Seville! Only 3 hours drive from the Algarve, and you’re there. We will help You to get acquainted with one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Seville has an ancient history, approximately in the third century BC the city was conquered by Romans, then it belonged to the Kingdom of the Visigoths until the year 718, and then, for five centuries, Seville was ruled by the Arabs. Finally, in 1248, the city began to belong to Spain, and subsequently became a port of world importance…Read more>

Tours in Portugal (from Lisbon)
Лиссабон обзорная

Lisbon sightseeing tour

The sightseeing tour in Lisbon will show You the main attractions of the capital and will get You acquainted with life and traditions of the local population. You will find yourself in the old city that keeps history and originality of the Portuguese nation. And also, you will be able to know modern Lisbon, which life is quickly developing. Let’s start with the old part of the city, it is a Trade Square (Praça do Comércio) or in other words, the Palace Square. The main attraction of the square is the statue of the King José I. Also you will visit the Eduardo VII Park, that is located on a hillside, next to the Marquês de Pombal. This is the place, which offers the incredible view of the city. You will be able to take the Elevator de Santa Justa, to stroll along the historic Avenida de Liberdade…Read more>



Porto is the Northern capital of Portugal and the second largest city after Lisbon. We suggest You to visit this famous city and to get a lot of pleasant experiences which will be remembered for a long time. The tour in Porto includes the most famous masterpieces of architecture. The most important attractions of Porto that You will see are: the Cathedral Se, the railway station São Bento, which is recognized as one of the most beautiful stations in the world. The vintage bookstore Lello with an unusual interior, with stained glass windows, woodcarving, wonderful staircase, of course You will enjoy it. The Bishops Palace, the monument to king Pedro IV was built at Freedom square, the Torre dos Clérigos, which is a symbol of the city. At the time, this tower was the highest in Portugal…Read more>

Синтра, Келуш

Sintra, Queluz (Palaces of the Portuguese Kings)

For lovers of luxury palace architecture we suggest to make a tour to the famous Palaces of Portugal. Close to Lisbon is located the summer residence of Portuguese kings of XVIII century – the National Palace of Queluz (Palácio Nacional de Queluz). The building was begun in 1742 by the architect Mateus Vicente de Oliveira and completed in 1767. It is called the “Portuguese Versailles”, as the entire interior, the gardens, the sculptures are made by French canons of the eighteenth century. The rich and majestic halls are decorated with mirrors and gilding in the Rococo style, which were used for balls and celebrations. The Palace was built for the King Pedro III, and later there was his wife, Queen Maria I. You can learn the amazing and thrilling history of the Royal families…Read more> 

Мыс Рока, Кашкайш, Эшторил

Cape Roca, Cascais, Estoril (Lisbon region)

One of the popular places, which attracts thousands of tourists to Portugal is Cape Roca (Cabo da Roca) – the extreme point of Europe. The limitless expanse of the Atlantic ocean, beautiful vegetation, rocks, towering 140 metres above the sea level. Cabo da Roca is the place you need to visit at least once in your life. Here you will want to stop and stand still on the edge of the abyss and endlessly watch the dark blue waves crashing on the coastal rocks. If desired, You can obtain a certificate stating that You were at “the end of the world”. Next, the tour continues along the Atlantic ocean coast to the resort towns Cascais and Estoril. Today, these cities are the centres of entertainment and night…Read more>

Обидуш, Назарэ, Алкобаса, Баталья

Óbidos, Nazaré, Alcobaça, Batalha (Monasteries, fortresses and castles)

Portugal is a many sided country, it perfectly combines a luxury beach vacation and the splendor of the capital cities with history, keeping strong the spirit of antiquity. We offer You to plunge into the world of the middle ages and visit the most historic and significant places in the history of the Portuguese people, in which time seems to have stopped in the past. Óbidos is translated as a fortified town. And this is true, because it is surrounded by walls. In the city you can’t drive. For a long time this medieval fortress has been considered a city of brides, queens and the capital of chocolate. There is even an international chocolate festival. Here You can try the famous cherry liqueur ginjinha, and even in chocolate cups…Read more>


Tour to Evora with a visit to the wine cellars (Portuguese wine production)

Evora is one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal, located in the Alentejo region, just 130 km from Lisbon. The city has preserved many architectural monuments, ancient arches, squares, unique fountains, so when You are strolling through its streets, You can feel the spirit of the middle ages. Also, Evora contains a large number of industries, which are engaged in processing of grapes, olives and cork. Here is produced one of the best wines in Portugal, that attracts many tourists. You will visit one of the wine cellars, and see the peculiarities of the production of this delicious drink and taste it.You will have the opportunity to purchase wine, wine accessories and high quality olive oils. Evora is called a city-museum, because here are preserved many architectural attractions. One of the most interesting is Cathedral of Evora…Read more>

Томар, Коимбра, Авейру

Tomar, Coimbra, Aveiro (The Templars, University Center of the middle ages, Portuguese Venice)

Tomar is the birthplace of the brave Templars, the mighty knights of the middle ages. The city’s history started in XII century, with the construction of the Templar castle as a protective fortress for the order. Further, due to the outbreak of the persecution, was founded a new order – the order of Christ, who inherited all the property of the Templars. The Templar castle is the main attraction in Tomar. Over time, the castle was rebuilt in the royal monastery Convento de Cristo. A powerful defensive wall was built around the monastery and gave him the appearance of an impregnable fortress. The Round Church is the oldest part of the castle. After visiting the castle, You will be able to learn about the life of the richest and most powerful of the knights of the middle ages…Read more>