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The best flamenco shows

The best flamenco shows

The main carriers of the flamenco are considered the Spanish Gypsies. The flamenco was formed in narrow circles and was considered as a “closed skill”, because the Gypsies lived in the isolated groups. Over time, when the persecution of Gypsies stopped, the flamenco has gained freedom and it deeply influenced the music traditions of Spain. Gradually it is gaining popularity and becomes a profession. In the flamenco stands out the female dancer and singer with a guitar. The traditional dancers wear a long dress bata de cola, adorned with ruffles and frill, in red or polka dot. The hand fan and a Spanish shawl, are also the classic attributes of the female dancer. The traditional clothing of the man dancer are the dark trousers, a wide belt and a white shirt with wide sleeves. There are two main styles of flamenco – the flamenco jondo, which is expressing the deep feelings and experiences, sometimes tragic and the flamenco fustero, on the contrary, it is affecting the pronounced themes of fun, love and celebration. Annually throughout Spain are the festivals of flamenco.

The mesmerizing flamenco shows can be seen in special cafes and restaurants. One of the main venues, that since ancient time is used for concerts of flamenco, is the Flamenco Palace, located in the center of Barcelona. Here is the flamenco in its traditional version, and it is always the improvisation, the passion, the game of plastics and light. For the beautiful supplement of the evening, the Palace of Flamenco offers a varied menu.

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