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South of France

Tours on the South of France

The fortress of Carcassonne

Carcassonne is a city in the South of France, not far from Toulouse. It is a city-castle, situated on a steep bank of the river Aude. Coming here, You will find yourself in a medieval fairy tale! Its territory is surrounded by two rows of walls with a length of 3 km and with 52 towers. And inside there are numerous shops, cafes and even dwelling houses. In the heart of the fortress are preserved the castle of Cental and Basilica of St. Nazaire.

Carcassonne stands on the plain, which was formed from the sediments brought by the river Aude from the Pyrenees. These are sedimentary rocks that consist of sandstone, conglomerate and marl sandstone…Read more>

Перпиньян и Коллиур

Perpignan and Collioure

Perpignan and Collioure are the most picturesque and delightful towns in the South of France. And it seems that they consist only of attractions, most of which you can visit during this tour.

Perpignan is one of the most beautiful cities in France. It has the Palace of Majorcan Kings, which is one of the most beautiful Palace buildings of the XIII century on the Mediterranean coast. You will also see “Small castle” — Le Castillet, which is a symbol of the city. Noteworthy are the Cathedral of St. John of XIV century and the Church of St. Mary, the square Verdun and the historic theatre Loges-de-Mer that was founded in 1397 as a Maritime Tribunal. It will also be interesting to visit the square Arago…Read more>

Cote d'azur - Monaco, Nice, Cannes

The southern coast of France, is an amazing place that has a warm and mild climate that is maintained all year round.
The Principality of Monaco is an independent and sovereign state on the territory of France. Its territory is only 2,02 sq km. We will visit the Prince’s Palace, it is the official residence of the rulers of Monaco from the Grimaldi´s family. It was founded in 1191. You will be able to stroll through the throne room and Royal chambers. Also You will find the Oceanographic Museum and the Cathedral of St. Nicholas. Nice is the resort of the highest level. The combination of luxurious hotels, casinos, restaurants, theatres, operas, museums, historical monuments, beautiful beaches, clear blue sea – all this is concentrated in Nice…Read more>



Toulouse is the largest cultural, scientific and industrial center of the Southern regions of France. The city is famous for its centuries-old history and rich culture. There are a large number of museums, parks, churches, also it has a huge number of boutiques of famous brands that attracts many tourists. Which are the most important attractions to see? The Church Saint-Georges and Saint-Simon, the Capitol, the embankment of the Garonne, the pink facade of the Great Hall. You can stroll along the narrow ancient streets and see the rich villas of XVII – XIX centuries. Many of the buildings are built of pink brick, so the color pink is a distinctive feature of this city. The Basilica of St Saturnin is the largest…Read more> 



Albi it is picturesque little town in the South of France. The majority of houses in the town are built with a red brick, which gives it an amazing look, especially during sunset. The walk through the ancient quarters and medieval streets, passing the beautiful villas and mansions of the Renaissance will open for You a lot. Albi has an interesting and at the same time sad story. Approximately in the XII century was originated the religious teaching of Catharism, known as “Albigensian”, the adherents of the Catholic Church were attributed to the heretics. And in order to destroy heresy in 1208 was made the Albigensian crusade, in which were killed and burned at the stake more than a million people. The famous Cathedral of Sainte-Cécile…Read more>