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Salvador Dali´s Museum in Figueres

Salvador Dali´s Museum in Figueres

Музей Сальвадора Дали

The town of Figueres has become world famous thanks to the wonderful creation of genius of its time – Theatre-Museum of Salvador Dali. It was designed by Dali, and was built in 14 years. The building of the Museum started on the ruins of the destroyed city theatre, which is why it is called “Theatre-Museum”. The official opening of the Museum took place on 28th of September, 1974.

The Museum is very interesting and unusual. The great hoaxer and the genius of shocking, has invested all of himself.

On the territory of the Museum´s complex exist independently and, at the same time, inextricably three main objects: the Museum, the tower of the gala — “Galatea”, named after the wife of the artist, and the exhibition center with jewelry, that was created based on Dali´s sketches. The Theatre-Museum – is the phantasmagoria of space, where the usual spatial landmarks disappear: the Room Mae West, the room-face, where you can admire the famous sofa in the shape of lips, the treasure Hall, the fish Hall series, the Hall of pictures, the Hall of necklaces, the Hall of the poetry of America, the Crypt, the Palace of winds…

The appearance of the Museum highlights the fascinating and a spherical glass dome, constructed by the architect Emilio Pérez Pinero over the space of the scene. It became the emblem of the city and of the Museum.

The architecture of the Theatre-Museum is soaked with outrageous of styles. Nominally it has three floors, but the first floor breaks down into more levels that actually turns the building into six floors.

Subsequently, the Theatre-Museum also became a mausoleum, as Salvador Dalí wanted to be buried here.